OMICRON CT Analyzer PC Toolset

OMICRON CT Analyzer PC Toolset 4.40

Test CT ratio of a multi ratio CT with its specifically defined burden value
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OMICRON electronics GmbH

The updated CT Analyzer software includes an automated test procedure to test each CT ratio of a multi ratio CT with its specifically defined burden value. The CT Analyzer's test configuration proposes individual burden values according the ratio of the CT.
These values can be accepted or manually overwritten by the test engineer. Once the test values are specified the CT Analyzer automatically delivers all results accordingly. Within this version the setting options for burden settings have been extended.
As a result the minimum burden value for the CT test and assessment can now be set according to the Chinese standard. In addition, a specific (@) burden can now be defined, for which the CT must comply with the IEEE Standard for metering CTs.
For the IEC standard an additional test parameter is now integrated within the CT Analyzer software. The composite error, in past shown according to the direct method, can now also be shown according to the indirect method.
Additionally, when the CT test is finished, the CT Analyzer now indicates the overall results via the pop-up screen. Thus the test engineer can easily get an overview about the status of the test.

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